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How to: light machine off-season manufacturer initiative purchaser clever occasion
2017-6-30 11:59:06
[China machine tool business network original] there are three days, in 2017 will walk half of the scene. At the same time, the machine tool industry will also usher in the "annual" off-season.
Recently, the North South rainy, hot weather struck, for manufacturers, affected the production schedule, delivery time and transportation; for buyers, influence purchase process, production schedule and delivery time delay. There is no denying the fact that the machine tool season is coming quietly. What should the machine tool manufacturers and buyers do in the face of the off-season effect of the gradual fermentation?

Machine tool sales season
Turn passive into active
In the off-season, machine manufacturers need to clarify "what", "why" and "how to do" three issues, truly achieve good results on an antidote against the disease.
"What is": off-season refers to the machine tool sales, production decreased season, showing the market deserted, workshop downtime, performance decline, product retention and so on.
"Why": the formation of off-season is mainly affected by season, demand, industry trends and other factors. Rainy season, high temperature, the market, buyers demand saturation, industry trends will lead to decline in machine tool off-season.
"How to do it": machine tool manufacturers should take the initiative as the initiative, and use the off-season to further develop new customers, promote new products and improve after-sales service. The so-called "peak season to see sales, off-season service", the off-season relatively idle, manufacturers at this time to invest in customer service, and establish a good reputation, but also for orders and worry about it?
At the same time, manufacturers can carry out off-season promotions, profit and praise, kill two birds with one stone. Although the number of orders is far less than the peak season, but the effect is the same, in the name of sales promotion enterprise products, obtain intention customers; inspire staff morale, improve sales performance.

Machine tool manufacturers launched promotional activities
Of course, manufacturers can also use the Internet business platform to achieve interactive marketing online and offline, to alleviate the impact of the off-season. China machine tool business network as the machine tool industry portal, registered members of more than more than 50 thousand, more than more than 1 thousand customers, based on the industry for more than nine years, by the majority of users praise and recognition.
The ideal time for buyers to hand out
In fact, the machine tool off-season is also an ideal time for buyers to buy machine tools. In the case of low prices, spot purchase costs both savings and efficiency.

The ideal time for buyers to start
Large inventory of machine tools: the continuing impact of the off-season effect, machine tool manufacturers tend to be stranded part of the product, warehouse storage of a small amount of machine tool spot. At this time, the purchase can be purchased from the stock market, improve the delivery and delivery efficiency. It is important to note that if you buy a fancy product, you can buy it in peak season. Under normal circumstances, the best-selling products have been sold out in the busy season.
Bargaining space: machine tool manufacturers to sell products as soon as possible, often take promotional interaction, low prices and other preferential benefits to attract buyers. It is understood that the same type of products in the peak season and the off-season sales price is not exactly the same, the off-season purchase price is relatively high.
Machine tool off-season every year have encountered, machine tool enterprises should learn to sum up experience, learn from each other, in order to cope with the off-season to prepare. At the same time, we must continue to enrich the enterprise "internal", and consolidate the foundation, with excellent strength to survive the off-season.
2017, more than half, we stopped to think about, what have you done in the past six months? What's the plan for the second half of the year? Welcome to leave comments in the comments section.

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